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Mühldorfer Horse Feed
Good fodder - Healthy horse

Genuine wholefoods - healthy - meticulously adjusted - well-balanced

In the course of millions of years the horse's organism has adapted itself to its natural environment. We have always held that Nature essentially provides every feed component and active substance a horse could wish for. Therefore, Nature must be the sound basis for any proper nutrition in general and performance-oriented nutrition in particular. That is the very reason only chosen commodities of impeccable quality find ingress to our whole grain products (e.g. horse muesli - without pellets), wholefood and organic horse feeds (BIO whole grain products, BIO hay, BIO minerals, BIO lucerne/alfalfa), special feed (e.g. dark oats, hay cobs, stabilized rice bran) and supplements (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, oils, medicinal herbs) made by Mühldorfer Horse Feed.

Brief overview: Mühldorfer Horse Feed is a manufacturer of horse feed situated in the region of Upper Bavaria 50 kilometres in the east of Munich. Since about 10 years now we have specialized in the production of healthy natural horse feed without pellets.

Mühldorfer Horse Feed - Your specialist in nature-abiding horse feed and equine nutrition - proper fodder for your horse: Health is of the essence if you want to enjoy your horse, enhance its performance and be successful. We devise special whole grain muesli horse feeds and nutrition supplements for top-class sport (racehorse feeds), for full recovery, leisure time and much more.

Mühldorfer Horse Feed - Systematic nutrition

Customer satisfaction is our guarantee: we vouch for this with our name!

Short description of "horse feed muesli"

Made from Nature's best - the whole grain: Whole grain products from controlled cultivation - Natural - High energy - Low protein - With all relevant vitamins, minerals, trace elements

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Revital Klinikum prebiotic
A wholegrain feed (differentiated dissolved - according to evolutionary adapted requirements) - with prebiotic and probiotic components.

Revital Klinikum prebiotic
Mühldorfer Pferdefutter ist eine Marke der Mühldorfer Nutrition AG
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